Woman’s Cell


The College has established Woman’s Cell to handle gender issues and to develop awareness amongst the girls of the college. Various Programmes for Women are organized by the Cell in the Campus.

              The committee for Woman’s Cell is as Follows:

Smt. S.G.Morale                                     Chairman

Smt. V.R. Bhosale                                 Secretary

Smt. S.B. Bhosale                                 Member

Smt. C.V. Sondge                                  Member

Smt. B.P. Sonwane                               Member

Smt. Dawkar Meera                              N.G.O.

Ad. Dalvi Varsha                                    Legal Adviser

Shri. A. Z. Sayed                                    Member

Dr. V.D.Jadhav                                       Member

Shri B. T. Pradhan ( I/C Principal )    Member