Departmental Information

Department of Commerce 

       The Department was established in June 1971 under the headship of Shri S. K. Wagh. Shri A. V. Pimpalkar is working now as Head Of the department.

       Dr. G. B. Sondge ,Shri D. D. Shinde, S.K.Wagh, N.B.Pathan were associated with the Department and also worked as Principal of the College . Dr. G. B. Sondge worked on various Academic Bodies of the University like Executive Council, Academic Council, Senate, Affiliation Committee etc. Shri N. B. Pathan has also worked on various academic bodies of the University like Examination Committee, Affiliation Committee, Board of Studies etc. Shri A. V. Pimpalkar has also worked as N. C. C. Care Taker Officer, Member Of Affiliation Committee, Placement Committee etc.

       The Department actively participated in “COHSSIP” Scheme sponsored by U. G. C.  District Level Seminar on “New Economic Policy of India” was organized by this Department in collaboration with Department Of Economics. Guest lectures of experts were arranged to guide students. The department arranges Study Tours to Industry every year. “Wanijya Warta” is the Wall-Poster of the Department published monthly. For the Practical, the Department uses Well-equipped Computer Lab of the College with internet facility. Shri A. V. Pimpalkar has been trained specially for this purpose.

       Shri N. B. Pathan , Dr. G. B. Sondge and Shri A. V. Pimpalkar have delivered lectures in other Colleges as Resource Persons . Dr. G. B. Sondge is Co-Author of the text book on Statistics. Shri N. B. Pathan works as Guest Faculty for P. G. Classes in other Colleges.

1.         Programme Details:







Three years degree course

June 1971

Entry level Competencies           :           

  1. Most of the students are from rural area.
  2. Students from all categories (OPEN/SC/ST/OBC/NT/VJNT/MINORITY)
  3. Students from pass class to merit
  4. Social Economic status
  5. Weaker sections
  6. Middle class families
  7. Doing part-time job and learning
  8. Agricultural base families

2.         Aims and Objectives:

1.                  To impart and develop knowledge of principle and practices of commerce among the students.

2.                  To prepare the people to enter upon a business careers.

3.                  To make the people to advance from their present level of employment to higher level.

4.                  To enable the students to use specialized skills in a business world.

5.                  To enable the students to become an intelligent consumer of business goods and services.

6.                  To make the student to become a more intelligent and more useful member of his community.

7.                  To satisfy the need of skilled manpower in the field of industry and commerce.

8.                  To create   awareness about use of Information Technology in business and other personal activities.  

9.                  To make students competent to face challenges in the field of business administration and successfully

                     prepare them for the Management of business.


3.                                    Teaching Staff :

                            .               Name                                  : Pimpalkar Arun Vasudevrao

·               Designation                      : Associate Professor & HOD.Commerce

·               Qualification                     :  M.Com.,M.Phil.

·               Date of Appointment       : 01/10/1980

    ·               Teaching Experience      : 32Years.

Sr. No.

Name of the Faculty



Shri Pathan N.B.

Honorary Teacher


Shri Dhas M.B.

Honorary Teacher


Shri Mane R.T.

Honorary Teacher


Shri Kadam R.S.

Honorary Teacher

4.         Best Practices:
           ·         Our devoted Retired Teacher Shri Pathan N.B. Engage Classes of B.Com-I (Business Statistics) & B.Com-III
                      Year (Cost Accounting) without any remuneration. 
           ·         Our devoted Honorary Teachers -  Shri Dhas M.B. , Shri Mane R.T. , Shri Kadam R.S.and
                     shri Rathod B.V.  Engage Classes without any remuneration. 
           ·         Using computer lab with Internet facility for IT practical
           ·         Free Internet Access to students
5.                  Laboratory Equipments available:
                        1.      Computer -11

2.      Printer – 01

3.      Internet Facility

6.         Teaching learning Methods:

·         Lecture Method

·         Question answer method

·         Group – discussion

·         Seminar

·         Industrial Visits

·         Using computer lab for IT practical

7.         Guest Faculty:


Name of the Alumni




Dr. Aswale S.N.

HOD of Commerce

Shivaji College,Omraga


Dr. Kulkarni P.R.

HOD of Commerce

Kholeshwar College,



Dr.Band S.A.

HOD of Commerce



Shri Sonwane B.B.

HOD of Commerce

Balbhim College,Beed.


Shri Panchagalle Sudhir

Dept of Commerce

Murum College,Murum


Dr. Giram S.G.

Retired Teacher of Commerce

Vaijnath College,Parli.


Shri Khandagale Ramesh

HOD of Commerce

Sawarkar College,Beed.

8.                  Photo Gallery:

Commerce Computer Lab

Students Of Commerce Working on Computers


Joint Director Aurangabad Rigion,Shri Dr. Fayyaz Visiting the Commerce Computer Lab on 24/01/2012

E-Suvidha one day traning program on 29/11/2010

Shri Dhananjay Kulkarni student of B.Com II year (NCC Cadet) 2011